Which Chattanooga Day Spa Celebrates Wellness and Whiskey?

You could say that Tennessee’s history comes served with a smooth shot of whiskey. And here at Ama Spa in Chattanooga, we’ve developed a way to honor that history in way that also promotes personal wellness. How’s that for a win-win?!

In just a short time, Ama has emerged as a leading wellness spa in Chattanooga. We think innovative spa therapies like our Whiskey & Wellness package have a lot to do with that.  

Whiskey & Wellness is 110-minutes of renewal featuring the revitalizing properties of locally made whiskey, including:

  • Whiskey-infused sugar scrub to cleanse and revive dull skin
  • Sweet orange warming body wrap
  • Full-body custom pressure massage
  • Collagen-infused weeping eye mask, and
  • Privai body butter to hydrate the whole body

What makes Tennessee whiskey so distinctive?  

According to the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, “Tennessee has long been a leader in producing distilled spirits. As our nations early founders moved west, they carried with them the craft of whiskey.  Fortunately for Tennessee, the land, water, and climate is nearly perfect for the production of whiskey.”

Whether you prefer to drink beer, wine or spirits, your beverage of choice gets its kicks from fermentation, which is a natural process where yeast consumes sugar, leaving alcohol as result. Whiskey and other spirits are made by distilling the fermented mash.  Some liquors – like brandy, for example – are made from a fermented mash of various fruits. Whiskey is made from grains.

As the experts behind the Tennessee Whiskey Trail explain, “The four primary steps to make whiskey are mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging. Each distiller uses grain combinations chosen by that distillers to produce a specific type of whiskey.  Tennessee Whiskey, for example must be at least 51% corn.  Other common grains in Tennessee Whiskey are barley, rye, and/or wheat.”

Chattanooga is one of many stops along the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, which features about 30 distilleries across the state.  Some are small, boutique-style operations, others are well-known distilleries that have been making legendary Tennessee Whiskey for generations.

You don’t have to leave Chattanooga to explore the wonders of Tennessee Whiskey, though. Enjoy some of the finest the state has to offer at The Edwin Hotel, where you can indulge your curiosity at The Whiskey Thief, the city’s first true rooftop bar.

Or discover a unique spa experience at Ama Spa of Chattanooga. Whiskey & Wellness is just one of the Wellness Treatments you’ll find at offered at our truly distinctive Chattanooga spa.

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